WebLogin Preferences

Change the way that WebLogin authenticates you.

Log me in automatically

Where appropriate, WebLogin will use the identity that you are currently logged in with to authenticate you automatically to other services.
Where this is not possible, WebLogin will ask for your username and password to log you in.

Enable new features

Use an alternative configuration that includes new features that are being tested.
Features currently under test include:
  • Show destination webapp on login page
  • Be more efficient about validating existing sessions
  • Preliminary support for one-time passwords

Enable Flexible Multifactor Authentication

Use an alternative configuration that modifies the authentication factors according to context.

Prefs cookie contents:

Note that WebLogin stores your preferences with a persistent cookie (i.e. the cookie remains until you choose to remove it). To remove it, click ‘Restore Defaults’ below.

If you are experiencing problems logging in, please see:
Logging into web services and applications using WebLogin

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